Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Teaching in Brazil, VISA finalized & clapping on doors :)

Weekly Email - June 2, 2014

Elder Fox and Elder Mountain, together in Provo MTC and Sao Paulo CTM.

Another week down in Brazil!!! Glad to see all of you guys are doing well. Can't believe Aunt Cindee had her baby tell her congrats for me. This week was another good one. The language is progressing little by little. Elder Veiga has been an awesome teacher for me. He definitely has patience to be companions with a fresh gringo, haha. Transfers are tomorrow, we actually will find out if one of us is moving in a couple hours. I hope not, and I don't think so, we have only been comps for 3 weeks. We had a really good week of finding this week. We found 8 new investigators. One really neat experience we had was with one of our new investigators M-------. We were teaching her the restoration and it was going great. We got to the first vision and Elder Veiga started to quote it as I held the picture of the first vision that's in the pamphlet. She stopped Elder Veiga about half way through (which normally isn't ideal, haha) and said "This is exactly what I imagined would happen if we had a Prophet again. That he would be a young boy with pure intentions, he would pray in a forest, and he would see God and Christ. You mean to tell me this happened"? haha, yes it did happen. I have never seen that reaction to the first vision. Often people have doubts that a 14 year old boy in the USA is who God called to be Prophet but she already had imagined it exactly how it happened. It was pretty neat. We knock on doors, or clap hands, haha, once in a while and we had some really good luck in this one small apartment complex. (I asked him about the clapping and he said,"yeah we do that for the houses because they all have gates. we knock the doors for apartments".) There are maybe 15 apartments in there and we ended up getting 4 new investigators. One of them who is an older lady actually had been interviewed for baptism a long time ago and we didn't know about it. She doesn't know how to read so she said it's hard for her to get a testimony of the Book of Mormon. That was the only thing that kept her from being baptized last time. So we gotta try to figure out how to help her. This week I had to go to the federal police and get my visa finalized. It was foreverrrrr away so we took a bus to the secretaries apartment and spent the night there and left the next morning to go to the police station. We got there at 7:00 in the morning and ended up getting back to the secretaries apartment at 4:00 in the afternoon. The Brazilian government workers are really fond of Americans, haha. We were put in the back, of the back, of the back of the line, but i got it. I met a really nice guy from Argentina there. He spoke Spanish and a little English but didn't know much Portuguese so I ended up teaching him in English. He was a really nice guy. He moved here from Argentina for work and is saving money to help his family move. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon too. It has been a bit wet this week, really nice temperature though, maybe 75-80. The food here is amazing. Really different but amazing. Haven't gotten sick yet. The water seems to be clean. No one drinks from the tap they either have filters or buy some from someone who has one, so there isn't much reason to worry. They drink guarana (a type of soda) here like water too. They drink that stuff non stop all hours of the day. It's really good too not sure why they don't have it in the USA. Church was really good this week. I really enjoyed the classes. It's a small ward (the EQP teaches every week and the bishop teaches gospel doctrine) everyone has a few callings and we don't have a WML at the moment, but they are really close, like a big family. They have made me feel very welcomed. Anyways, been a great week. The language is getting better everyday, only if I could get these people to talk slower, haha. 
love ya!!!

Sei que jesus vive. Eu sei que ele nos ama. Sei que o dom de lingua e real. Sei que o livro de mormon e a palavra de deus. Sei que este evangelho e simple poderoso. Ele pode mudar nossas vidas. Eu amo voces!! Obrigadao por sua amor. tem uma semana boa!

I know that Jesus lives. I know he love us. I know that the gift of language and real. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that this gospel is simple and powerful. It can change our lives. I love you guys!! Thanks a lot for your love. Have a good week!

vamos la!
Elder Montanha
(I might actually get a name tag that says that!!)

Provo MTC district #220 reuniting in Rio!

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