Tuesday, October 22, 2013

16 lessons in 1 week!!!!

Weekly email

This week has been awesome!!! We taught the most this week than I ever have before, 16 lessons!! Elder Davis and I have a goal of 21 in a week, or 3 a day, we totally are going to get it this week. T--- and his family are doing amazing. We had three lessons with them this week which is so awesome, they are progressing so quickly. They had us over for dinner one night and they made the best burgers I have ever had in my life. Seriously so good. Made them out of ground beef like Sloan, so tasty. They also gave us some elk jerky and sausage, T--- is a hunter, that is some really good stuff too. They all came to church and they really enjoyed it. They said the church they went to years ago wasn't too friendly but the ward did an awesomeeee job at introducing themselves and making them feel welcomed. It went better than we could have dreamed. We had a quick lesson with them in the evening right after church and he said 'Okay, I want to a member of this church, what do I have to do to be baptized and be sealed to my wife in that temple down the road?". If that isn't golden I don't know what is, haha. (golden means a dream investigator that is so ready for baptism) It is amazing how the Lord prepares people. We are going to extend a date to him on Tuesday, we are thinking about the 9th of November. Man I love them. We met with J---'s parents this morning, he is still good for the 9th for his baptism. His father is catholic and his mother is Buddhist, I believe, so an interesting back ground. But they have expressed that they have seen a positive change in J---'s life since has been coming to church and they fully support him. The meeting this morning was mainly about what is expected of them for the baptism but we really have hopes to start teaching them. One of our ward's (he & his companion cover 2 wards/congregations!) had a fall festival on Saturday and one of the families we have been working with, S----- and her 3 kids were there. They have a lot of friends in the ward and one of them invited them to church, which was so awesome. They weren't able to make it but they also have a ton of potential. We taught them most of the first lesson right there at the fall festival which was interesting, haha but it went well. We are still working with our neighbors. They work a lot but we have been able to catch them home here and there. Our next goal for them is to get them to church. Our wards have given us a ton of less active members to visit, which has been great. We have set up a time with them to go through the lessons as 'practice' for us once a week. We have three or four families now where its set every week. It's great to teach and great for them to feel the spirit. I hope you guys are doing well. I love and miss you. I wish I could've been at the wedding. (his uncle got married this past weekend) Have any pictures of it? Sounds like the Hutchens crew joking around like that, haha I love them. I love you guys!!!

Elder Mountain

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