Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Biking in a new area & loving conference!

Weekly Email

Hey everyone!!! Sorry for the late email be have a bit of a different schedule in the new zone. We had transfers this week, I am now in Mesa, English speaking. My new companion is Elder Davis, he is from Draper Utah and has been out about 10 months. We have a tiny, tiny area, we cover two wards (congregations) which is about the size of 4 or 5 neighborhoods here, haha. It's crazy. So we are on bikes of course but im happy about that, its fun to bike around. 'Real missionaries bike' as they say down here, haha. The area unfortunately is kind of dead. Elder Davis had only been here for 6 weeks so he is still learning the area as well. We have seen some progress already though. We got in with two young couples in our apartment complex who are going to ASU and they seem to have a ton of potential. That was super exciting. We have one investigator on date in November, he is a teenager about 17 years old, we watched conference on Sunday with him and with his member fellowship. He and my companion both actually have mild forms of autism, so they relate to one another perfectly. You would never know it about my companion, but he says it was worse when he was a kid. He really is a great guy. Really different from Elder Macfarlane personality wise but we have gotten along really well already. It was kind of a hectic week overall moving places and getting used to the area but I'm settling in. I am really excited to serve here. I miss the spanish ward a lot, it's really tough leaving an area, but they are in good hands with elder macfarlane and his two new companions. I am really excited I will be able to go to Alfonso's and possibly Jose's baptism. Thanks for all the pictures you guys sent me, I'm gonna have to print a few out. Thanks for taking the truck out, don't be bashful about giving it a wax ;) I have a bunch of Rae's drawings and notes she has sent me on my desk area, they are so nice to see. Looks like Solo is sure growing up, I hope he had a great birthday. Conference was so awesome. All of the sessions, the Saturday evening I think was my favorite. I loved the talk about meekness from Elder Soares, and the one about exclamation points from the member of the seventy with the wavy hair I can't remember his name, haha. They sure talked a lot about missionary work and preserving the family. President Monson's talk about his wife was very powerful also. It's really amazing we have the chance to hear from them, to hear from modern day King Benjamin or Abinadi. I sure love you guys. I have two letters in the mail that should be there any day. My new address is 4776 East Guadalupe Road, apartment #2088, Mesa Arizona 85209. Sounds like the corn maze was sure fun, can't believe you guys did a haunted house, haha.

 Love you!!!
Elder Mountain

 I find it wonderfully amazing that Nate is serving with an autistic companion! He spent months in 11th grade working with a Special Olympics baseball team and one of his closest friends is a player on that team. Nate sees the best in all people but to him those in this life with any type of limit or restriction to their abilities are truly some of the choicest Spirits. As we have recently went to the corn maze, I am reminded of 3 years ago when we went as a family. When exiting the hayride we heard someone calling Nate's name, we then spotted many of the members of the team he helped coach. The joy they had on their faces to see Nate and to watch him interact with them left his father and I in tears. He fully embraces charity, the true love of Christ. I never was quite sure who was happier to see who that night, the group of players or Nate...
New companion, Elder Davis :)

LOVE to see that smile!!

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