Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"The work is going strong and we are busy and happy and tired as ever, haha. Loving every minute of it!"

Weekly Email

Email picture we received from an awesome family in Gilbert!
Thanks for feeding our missionary!
Hey family, great to hear from ya, hope you all are doing well! Another great week in the books already. Time is going by too fast. This week was crazy weather wise, it rained for 3 days and was in the 50s, felt like winter in Georgia, sort of. It was the first rain here in months. This week had some awesomeee teaching. We almost got those 20 lessons we have been trying to reach. I think this week we can do it. We taught S----- and her family quite a bit. Trying our best to get them to church, they didn't make it this Sunday but we hope this week they can. Had some great lessons with them, mainly about the Plan of Salvation. (where we lived before this life, our purpose during this life and where we go after this life) We were super busy this week with several temple presentations. Those have been so awesome, great idea by the mission President. It gets the members excited to talk about the open house and has led to several referrals, and it gets nonmembers excited to see the temple when the time comes. We met with T--- twice this week, explained to him what family history is and how he can go to the temple for his family, it happened to be the lesson for priesthood as well. He and his wife are doing great. W----- his son had a surgery on his foot this week so we gave him a blessing before, and was able to facetime with him for a few minutes at T---'s house, I love that kid. J---- their daughter is also progressing, she will be in town most of this week so I'm sure we will be over there often teaching the family. We have a lesson tonight with J----, the Buddhist from Vietnam, which I am really excited for. It is a whole different teaching experience, it is really interesting. Last week we were able to show the temple presentation to 4 business partners of a member in our ward visiting from Malaysia. That was so awesome, they were the funniest and friendliest people. They left back for Malaysia this week so they won't be here for the open house unfortunately but that was an awesome experience. The wards here are so nice to us, we have had probably 10 people call us and insist we come over for Thanksgiving, haha. (makes Mama happy!) It's a normal day for us so we will be eating one dinner then be out as normal for the rest of the day. We had a great lesson with Brother H----- this week, the guy who taught us how to play 'I am a Child of God' on the guitar. (first we heard of the guitar playing) He really is awesome, he is so open with us I already have seen his faith  and testimony grow. I think his testimony is stronger than he thinks it is. We had a member of the seventy, Elder Porter come spreak to us this week for a mission tour, that was really neat. He spoke on the gospel of Christ and how simple it is if you look at it one way but how deep and complex it is if you look at it in a another way. It was interesting for sure. We were able to pick up two new investigators this week, man they have the most interesting story (they are descendants of Heber C Kimball, but their relatives moved to Brazil to get away from the church but they arent sure why, and are really interested in learning more, and they speak Portuguese!). Awesome people. Their son, who is 11, was baptized about a year ago. Anyways, the work is going strong and we are busy and happy and tired as ever, haha. Loving every minute of it!

Love you guys!

ps. finally got my hands on some boiled peanuts the other day, haha (boiled peanuts in AZ!?!?!)    

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