Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Email
T---'s baptism!!!
Man this week was awesome!!! So many miracles happened. T---'s baptism was this week, as you guys know. It went amazing, the ward supported it better than we could have imagined (they are an awesome ward, feels like a family). The Spirit was super strong, and there were some nonmembers that attended including T---'s nephew and his girlfriend. I had the opportunity to baptize T---, man that was quite the experience, hard to describe. I felt so happy for him and his family, so excited for what is next for him, and the Spirit was so strong you, could cut it with a knife. He is going to be a friend for life, for sure. I can't wait until the day when you can meet him. My new companion is Elder Ault, he is from Pittsburg, but he was born in Taiwan. He speaks fluent Chinese, which is so cool. I have had him speak it to me and man it sounds like an alien language, crazy. He has been out 9 months. A very quiet guy but hard working. This transfer will be awesome with him. We are still living with Elder Whitecar and Wilson, they are great elders, really funny too. We had the experience of teaching a guy named J---- this week who was Buddhist. We helped him out moving some furniture in his driveway then he invited us back, turned out he has just moved from Vietnam not too long ago, his English is really good considering. He didn't know what the Bible is or who Jesus Christ is or anything, so we taught from the start like you do with kids. He loved it all. He said his first prayer in the lesson and he said, 'why do i feel happy?' well, we can tell you, haha! I can't wait to meet with him again. We had a great lesson with S----- and her family. It happened to also be about prayer. M------, the son, said his first prayer and he really lit up, so did his mom S-----. It was the first lesson with them that we knew for sure that they all felt the Spirit, we have high hopes for them. I can't imagine going through life without prayer, seeing people experience it for the first time definitely has given me perspective. It is such a blessing. We have been crazy busy this week showing our quick Temple presentation to members of the ward. It has been pretty successful, at the very least we get to know the members but they are really getting excited about missionary work and the Temple. It's awesome to be a part of.

Love you guys!!! Have a great week.

Elder Mountain
S----- and family.

Sharing a message with Yoda :)

Looks like a great bunch of missionaries!

Elder Mountain loves this family!


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