Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tracting, chapel tours and time in the temple

Weekly Email
Elder Mountain with Elder Jewkes. They are having a blast together!
This is one of 2 text messages/pics I received this week. Love that smile!!

Glad to hear all of you are doing well! That is so awesome about the L-----'s, man I am so excited about that. They are such good people, they are so ready for the gospel. I know it's easier said than done but you guys got to give them a Book of Mormon. That's how people find out if the message we know to be true, is true for themselves. There is so much power in the Book of Mormon. They are ready, I know it. Great job working with the missionaries so much. That makes me happy, haha. There are certain families in wards that can make it or break it for missionaries, I'm sure you guys are a strength to have for them. This week has been good. We have kept the tracting up, found a few more people that way. Had our first return lesson with an older lady named B-----. She read a few chapters in the Book of Mormon we gave her and found it to be very interesting. She is a Grandma Beve archaeological type, haha and when we were explaining the Book of Mormon and what it talks about by using the pictures in the front (which by the way is a super easy way to introduce the BoM to someone maybe for the L-----) she said 'I knew Columbus was not the first to sail across, no fair that guy gets all the credit' haha. Never had that response before but hey whatever gets their interest. We hopefully will see her tomorrow for another lesson. We took C----- on a chapel tour this week that was awesome. He really enjoyed it and we had a good lesson afterwards. He just has to read the Book of Mormon and pray, I know that he will receive an answer. At first he listened to us just to be nice and see what his son who is on a mission is teaching but now he is starting to question and want to know for himself. We found a part member family from tracting that we are super excited about. A few of their neighbors had mentioned them in the past but we had never met them before. They seem super ready and really open. They laid out their concerns right in our first conversation and they feel that if we can satisfy those they see nothing holding them back. Their concerns are about the three degrees of glory and continued revelation but that will all be solved by reading the Book of Mormon, which they never have before. That's all missionary work is really, reading and praying and everything else falls into place. On Saturday we had a really neat experience, helping clear out the furniture in the temple that was there for the Open House so that they can put folding chairs in for the dedication. It was a long day, we were there from 8am to 12pm, going up and down stairs with tables and couches and stuff. It was a really cool experience though. The spirit  there was so strong, even when we were doing work. It was cool to look around at your own pace and see all of the details. It was an awesome opportunity. excited to go to the dedication on Sunday, as well. Had a really good week of studies this week. One of the elders I live with, Elder Parsons, who has been out for a while, has shown me how to study differently and has shown me some really cool insights. It has been really awesome. You've got to know the gospel and live it before you can teach it. Wish I read more back home but luckily we can repent, haha but seriously, I love reading and what I have gotten out of it.  I want that to be the case on my mission and off. Looks like you guys had fun this week, glad you are all well!!! love you 

Elder Mountain

A bit of his email to me (Ma):
 "I know that Christ lives. I know that he knows and loves us. I know that he has shown us the way to have peace and joy in our lives. I know that the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. Anyone who reads its pages can not deny it to be so. I love this gospel!" 

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