Friday, February 7, 2014

Baptism and staying at East Guadalupe Road :)

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E--- baptism day!

So the big news first, transfers!!! Found out last night that I am staying in the area and Elder Ault is being transferred. It will be my fourth transfer in the area, I am getting to know the wards pretty well, haha. I am excited to stay. We have a lot of potential and I really really love the wards and the members. Every companionship in the zone is changing one way or another so its gonna be a lot of new faces. Anxious, of course, to find out who my new companion will be. Elder Wilson is being transferred, who has been in the apartment for 3 transfers, we have got along great, sad to see him go. The baptism was so awesome!! E--- is the man, he took a week off work to study the Book of Mormon and prepare for his baptism. The ward he lives in supported him amazingly. There were some families from the ward we cover along with his ward that he lives in and there were over 100 people there! it was awesome to see. He really has become a great friend. You guys gotta meet him some day. The other guy in white in the picture is Brother Murphy, who lives in our ward, man is he a spiritual giant, haha. He has taught me a lot about teaching and improving as a missionary and just about life in general. I have really enjoyed being in their home often. E--- is still going to face a lot of trials but now he has so much more help, after being baptized people have such a stronger, more direct connection with Heavenly Father and the Spirit. Other than the baptism we had a good last week of the transfer. We had a good lesson with S-----, first one we had in a while with her. Talked about Nephi building the ship and how we can learn from how Nephi asks the Lord where the ore is to make tools, he does not ask where the shipyard is at to buy a ship or ask where the lumberyard is. He starts with the beginning step. A lot of the times in life we have problems and we ask the Lord to solve it but we forget to see what the first step is. We have to act and ask for help and guidance along the way. C---- was not able to go the temple this week but we are going with him tomorrow hopefully. We were able to go with some friends of some members who came in town from Tennessee, super country family, haha. But man they were so golden, asking a million questions and prying our brain about it all. Wish they lived here. We will get some missionaries over there somehow. It really is amazing to see how the temple softens hearts and really gets people thinking. Lately we really have been getting the chapel tours going in the wards. We are starting with the leaders in the ward to get them prepared for what it's like. It will be what the push is after the open house, especially in this stake. Had a meeting with the Stake President yesterday and man he reminds me a ton of Brother Steele (a Brother in our ward, was actually Nate's seminary teacher) in 20 years, haha, even is a car mechanic I found out. He just has a funny sense of humor and is very down to earth. Man all of the snow you guys got is crazy. It's in the 50's or 60's here, no sign of any rain at all. I heard from a member about the traffic jam in Atlanta, that's crazy. I can't imagine being stuck in that or being stick in school, haha, i bet that was insane. Love you guys and miss ya!!! 
Elder Mountain

The 2 sets of missionaries that helped teach E---.

E--- and Brother Murphy

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