Friday, March 21, 2014

Another transfer together for the awesome duo! 28 Books of Mormon given out!

Weekly Email - March 17, 2014
Elder Mountain, Elder Jewkes with the Tabile family.
(Bother T. is the Ward Mission Leader)

Hope you guys are doing well! First big nugget of news, got transfer calls last night. Elder Jewkes and I are both staying for another transfer, we are so pumped. I honestly thought I was going to be transferred because I have been in this area for about 6 months but I really wanted to stay.
Transfer day but happy to be staying together!
I love the wards here, I have  gotten to know them really well. I'm excited to be here and to stay with Elder Jewkes. Both of the elders we live with are being moved out so we will have some new roommates. We heard they are moving sisters into the area so we may be living by ourselves, transfers are always real exciting. So this week was good. Brother Schoenburg's funeral was this week, it was done really well. Most of the ward was there along with the family of course. Glad I was able to go, he was a good man. We picked up a new investigator F------ this week, he has a friend who goes to college with him and has introduced the Book of Mormon to him and is now interested in learning. He is actually next door neighbors to the Bishop in Highland Ward. It was a good lesson, will see him again on Thursday. Had our lesson cancel with J---, which was a bit disappointing. We were planning giving him a baptismal date and were really excited for the lesson. It w
as spring break this week here, I think he went out of town with his son. C----- is doing good, he is so close. He is still a bit hesitant to act and we have been pushing him a bit the last few lessons, which he needs. We've been tracting as usual for a n hour or so a day. Have met some interesting people for sure. Met a Muslim who moved here from Egypt not too long ago who was really friendly and met a southern Baptist who was actually very nice to us and called us "Jesus boys" haha. We ended up handing out 28 Books of Mormon this transfer which was cool, we had a goal of 25. We can do better though. I am still working on being able to talk to everyone we see on the street. I have gotten okay at it but there is always room to improve. Went over to T---'s house Sunday evening, he is doing great and likes his calling in the YM and A---- just got a calling in the primary. He gave us a frozen chicken and some potatoes to cook in the crock-pot we have. Never have used that thing, haha, hopefully it turns out good. We put it in this morning and hopefully it will be ready for dinner this evening. I went on exchanges this week in the district leader's area and we ended up eating dinner with a family named the Frasers. Sister Fraser ended up being from Buford and went to North Gwinnett and grew up in the Suwanee Ward. I couldn't believe it, first person I have met that knows of Buford much less lived there, haha, small world.Other than that, things are going good. A lot of people were out of town this week so it was a lot of running around with nobody home but they should be back this week, haha. Excited to be staying! 

I know this church is true. I know that Christ lives. I know that he loves us and wants us to be able to live with him again. All we have got to do is turn to him. I know that prayer is real. I know that we can talk to our Father in heaven and he will help us and guide us when we turn to him. I love the Book of Mormon, I love the power that it has. I can't read it without feeling the Spirit. This is a great opportunity to share what I know.

Elder Mountain
Map of one of the wards he covers. It is hard to see the 'key' but the black marks
represent "very Anti" homes! Always good to know ;)
Love this picture of this scripture passage!

Elder Mountain with a young man that got baptized a few moths ago.

Perfect bike for Elder Mountain: MTN TAMER :)

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