Friday, March 28, 2014

Good week, email from Bishop and lots of pictures :)

Weekly Email - March 24, 2014

Elder Mountain and Elder Roman (roommate in apartment)

Good week this week, thanks for all of the emails. Sounds like you guys are all doing good. Thanks for the boiled peanuts, that took me by complete surprise, haha, especially since the Memmott's had it. Gonna try and make some for lunch. Everyone in the apartment is anxious to try them as well. No one knows what they are, even people from the south I have met here. Is it only a Georgia thing? haha. Got the type writer ribbon in the mail this week as well, it works great. Hopefully it wasn't too hard to find or expensive. This week was good. We had to do some hard but necessary steps with our investigators this week. We had a heart to heart, I guess you could say, with C----- because he hadn't been doing his reading we gave him and he was honest with us and told us it will probably take his son coming home from his mission for him to take that step of commitment. He knows it's true I know he does but I guess that's what it is going to take. So we had to tell him to let us know when he is willing to commit and we can see him again. It was hard to do especially how nice he is but we have got to see some action with the people we teach, at the very least read the Book of Mormon. It was hard but needed. and maybe after two weeks or some time of us not stopping by he will make that decision and let us know. We had a good lesson with F------- this week. We invited him to be baptized and found out his concern is church attendance because of work and it being hard to get into the habit of going. That is pretty understandable, especially when you haven't gone to church ever before. He wasn't there this Sunday but he committed to come so he should be there next week. T--, our other investigator, was out of town in New Mexico this week but we heard he got back in town yesterday so we should see him soon. Almost finished with the big huge list of names Bishop Anderson gave us to go find. We got a lesson out of it this week, which was pretty neat. It was an inactive who felt he was forced to go as a kid and soon as he was on his own he stopped going but he is now starting to see why church is important. He has some things in his life he needs to work out but we hope to be able to help him come back. Funny story with transfers, Elder Parsons, who we live with, was told to pack because he was moving and he ended up getting transferred into the area (Elder Jewkes' old area) that they moved into our apartment. So he is in a different area but is still living with us. He is with Elder Ramon who was elder Jewkes' old comp. He is from Micronesia, which is really cool. Really funny guy, can speak 5 languages too. Anyways, I'll keep sending what I type up every night. It's really hard to remember everything that happened, haha. Love you guys!!

I know this gospel is true! I know that it brings true happiness and joy into people's lives. I know that no matter our weaknesses and shortcomings the Savior wants to help. Like it says in Ether 12 the Lord gives us weakness so we will turn to him. I am so grateful for my Savior and the opportunity I have to serve him.

Elder Mountain     

**Email from a Bishop from one of the wards Nate is serving in:

"Brother and Sister Mountain.  I wanted to send you a quick note to
thank you for sending such a great young man out to serve the Lord.  I
know he wishes he were in Brazil, but we are VERY happy he has been
waylay-ed here in Gilbert, AZ.  I am the Bishop in the Monterey Ward.
Elder Mountain has faithfully served here for several months.  He is a
great representative and has blessed many lives.  He always has a
quick smile and word of encouragement.  Know that we are very happy
for the efforts he is making to share the gospel.  We have been
blessed with the new Temple being dedicated and the outpouring of
Spirit. Thanks for letting your son share that with us.

Know that he is working hard and having great success.  I get an
update at least once a week from he and Elder Jewkes on progress and
successes.  We are trying to get them additional people to teach.
They set a great example for our young men.

Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting your son.


Elders Mountain & Jewkes with an awesome ward member!
She sends lots of text messages/pictures to me :)

Gilbert, AZ sunset

The District

The Zone (minus Zone Leaders)

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