Friday, April 4, 2014

Ward split, investigator on date, typewriter and VISA cray-cray!

Weekly Update - March 31, 2014

A cool picture of a favorite scripture!

Man what a crazy week. Good to hear from you guys and glad you all are well. So yesterday when we came to church the Stake Presidency was in our Highland Ward Sacrament meeting and the ward was expecting our Bishop to be released. He has been in there about 6 years and since I have gotten here everyone says his time has to be about up, haha. The Stake President gets up to conduct 'stake business', releases our Bishop which wasn't too much of a surprise, and then announces that the ward is going to be split! No one expected it at all. He announced their would be a "re-alignment" meeting later in the evening and that they would call the new Bishop there. So for a couple of hours we had no Bishop, haha. The split involved 4 wards that turned into 5, there was a whole lot of re-aligning. And 4 of those 5 wards have new Bishops. The Highland Ward basically got cut in half and we found out we will only be covering the southern half. They also included a small section of a neighborhood across the street so we will have quite a few new members to get to know. Our new Bishop actually lives in that part so when he was called we weren't sure who he was. Every member in the ward got released from their callings, so the leadership is going to change quite a bit I can imagine. Out of the ward council our half of the ward only has our Relief Society President and High-priest leader. It means that we loose our investigators F---- and J---, which is hard but it's all because of growth, which is good to see. This week was a great week for us teaching wise. We finally got an investigator on date. Our investigator T---, who we found not too long ago from tracting, is progressing really well. He has read a ton of the Book of Mormon and really likes it. He graduated this year and had a ton of free time now because he isn't in school and I don't think he has a job either. We were able to see him three times this week. He committed to be baptized on April 26th. We had a cool experience this week when a member who lives down in Florence called us up and said he is giving his nonmember friend a blessing, who lives in our area, and asked if we would like to help with the blessing. When we showed up I remembered that we tracted that door and they they were an older couple who said they were baptist and politely said no thanks. So I was super interested how they would react to seeing us again. We found out they were going through quite a hard time because some of their kids/grandkids have made some wrong choices. The member explained what a blessing is and we explained just a little about the priesthood and we gave both of them a blessing and we ended up talking to them for a good while and getting to know them and they invited us back later. We should see them in the next day or so again. It's amazing what a member friend can do. Blessings have been some of the neatest experiences on my mission. They are always very powerful and it's crazy to see how the spirit works. Found out we are going to be able to go to the Gilbert Temple which was exciting. Can't wait to do a session there. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but I'll mail those letters to you today. Love you guys!!!! Have a great week.

Elder Mountain

VISA cray-cray!!! Yes, Elder Mountain was actually called to the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Mission. I check the Brazil consulate website every day to see if there is a change in his VISA application status. Last Friday was what I have entitled, "VISA cray-cray Day" ;) There are actually 3 application with corresponding numbers under his name, due to having to renew the application every so often. For 8 months there has been 1 red dot for each application, meaning 'received' or 'sent'. On Friday I checked and 1 application had 2 red dots, meaning they were beginning to process the VISA!!!! Yay!!!! Next check an hour later and ALL 4 dots were red!!!! Which means ready for delivery!!! (note above picture) Then, before my eyes, the entire application and dots disappeared!! It now shows only 2 applications under his name and they each have :( I called Salt Lake to try and get some answers, they had none, but they said we can know for sure someone is actually working on his VISA but the website is not reliable :/ So, we shall see but it made for an exciting day for me! Thankfully he LOVES Gilbert and is completely content there <3

Back in December, Nate was given a typewriter by another missionary that had completed his mission and was going home. When Nate was 4-5 years old he wanted a typewriter so bad! We finally found him one but it didn't work so he just pretended with it and eventually took it apart (he loved taking electronics apart at that age too). So to say the least, he is thoroughly enjoying the typewriter!! He types his journal entries on it every night and mails them to us weekly, which is super fun to read!!! I'm sure he'll be known as "Elder Typewriter" to his companions and roommates ;)

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