Wednesday, May 28, 2014

VISA!!!! VISA!!! Time to say goodbye to AZ :(

Email from Gilbert Arizona Mission, received April 23, 2014

Brother & Sister Mountain,
We wanted to give you a heads up that Elder Mountain’s visa to Brazil has cleared and he will travel on Tuesday, April 29th.  Attached below is the entire itinerary.
When he’s at the Phoenix Airport, he is allowed to call you if there is time before boarding.  Also, it looks like he’ll have a couple of hours layover in the Atlanta airport, where he may also be able to call you at that point before boarding the plane for Rio.  If you have a preference on when you’d like him to call , or if you would like to get a message to Elder Mountain, email me back and I’ll get the message to him.
Elder Mountain is a fine missionary and we have thoroughly enjoyed having him here in the Arizona Gilbert Mission!  Actually, we hate to see him go!  We believe he has grown, and hopefully having been in Arizona will be a treasured memory for him also.  Thank you for raising a fine son.
Sister Cathy Thornock
Mission Secretary
Arizona Gilbert Mission

A text picture we received from a family in AZ. Elder Mountain was on his goodbye tour! 

Weekly Email - April 28, 2014

Man what crazy news, I never thought this visa would ever come. So you guys found out on Wednesday? I didn't find out till Saturday night. I am really excited, hard to leave here I have been in this area so long, it's like leaving home all over again. I am really excited, a little nervous about the language and all but really excited. How I found out about my visa is a kinda funny story. I guess President Nattress was supposed to call me on Friday to tell me, but he forgot. On Saturday evenings the Thornocks who live in Highland ward and also are office staff for the mission have all of the missionaries in the area over for root beer floats. When Elder Ramon and I got there (we were on exchanges that day), Elder Thornock asks, "So you know right?" "Do I know what?" "Are you serious you haven't heard?" "I haven't heard what?" I thought he was pulling my leg, Elder Thornock is a funny jokester kinda guy and I didn't even suspect that my visa came. I hardly thought about my visa at all to be honest. Then he tells me "Your visa came Elder Mountain, you will be out of here in 3 days!!!". I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. It is going to be a lot of adjusting I know, but I am excited for it. It's going to be hard to leave the members and missionaries that I have gotten to know here. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve here. I was quite lucky to be able to be a part of the temple open house and dedication here. That was incredible to be a part of. I am definitely going have to introduce you guys to a lot of people here afterwards. So today and tomorrow are going  to be some crazy days. I have a lot of the packing done already but it's gonna be really close to fitting into the 50 weight requirement. The type writer definitely can't come, haha. I was able to say bye to a lot of people yesterday and hopefully be able to see some more today. They announced that was leaving in Monterey Sacrament meeting, which took me by complete surprise. There are so many members I am going to miss. Today I hope to see T--- one more time and E--- is going to take elder Jewkes and I out to eat. It will be great to see him again. Other than the visa news the week was great. There was an expanded Zone Conference for our stake and the stakes around us where all the missionaries plus all of the members in the are are invited hear Pres Nattress speak to us. It was really awesome. Every time I hear him speak I feel like I'm in the presence of an apostle or something, haha. He just radiates with the Spirit, haha. So this evening I will be picked up by the assistants and will spend tonight at the mission home and then fly out in the morning. I am super excited!!! 
love you guys!!!
Elder Mountain

Elder Mountain and Elder Ramon, great friends!!

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