Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Birthday and rumors of transfer!!! oh, and another baptism!!

Weekly Email - April 21, 2014
Elder Mountain's birthday dinner & cake with this amaZing family!!! I love them!!!

Hey family thanks for the happy birthday wishes. Thanks for the package and all of the cards, been a great bday so far. The sisters in the district are making me a cake apparently, haha, and we ate at Sonic after we went shopping at Walmart. I have been recording every night what happens with the recorder I got last week. C---'s baptism was so dang awesome. The ward supported him really well there was a lot of youth there. His friend McKenna, who gave him a book of Mormon with her testimony in it a couple months ago, gave a really good talk on baptism. The spirit was so strong there. The baptism pictures are on Elder Jewkes' camera and he forgot it so I will send some pictures of it to you next week. C--- was confirmed on Sunday, it was pretty neat to happen on Easter Sunday. We missed Monterey Sacrament Meeting because both of our wards now start at the same time. They will fix that during transfers I'm sure. Interviews with President happened this week, interviews are always so awesome. We all had about 15 or so minutes. He hinted that I will be leaving the area next transfer, I have been here a while. I would like to stay if I can but change is good too. Went to the Easter Pageant with C----- this week. The pageant was incredible, it is so well done. It was crazy how many people were there. My guess would be 5000-7000 people, if not more. It was absolutely packed. It was a really good experience for C-----. On Sunday we had a investigator come to church out of no where. C--------, who was baptized about a year ago and is 17, also just turned his papers in for his mission, brought his mom to church. We have been trying to meet with her for a while. She really wants to meet but is busy with work because she is a single mom. Hopefully we can meet her this week. She really liked church. Did you guys see the "Because of Him" Easter video the church released. We shared it in a lot of our member visits this week. It's a great video. Also have you guys seen all of the bible videos on Watch those if you haven't. they are incredible. We share them once and a while. Elder Parsons and Ramon both were pretty sick this week. Elder Ramon had the flu and Elder Parsons has pneumonia. It was a pretty sick apartment, haha. Luckily I have felt fine so far. It was a pretty good week otherwise. Can't believe it's the last week of the transfers. Love you guys!!!! Thanks for the package and all!!!

Elder Mountain  

Elder Ramon posing in front of Nate's flag.

View from Gilbert apartment! Elder Mountain spent 7 months living on Guadalupe Road :)

Saying goodbye to a favorite member missionary!

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