Friday, July 26, 2013

First Communication with Elder Mountain!!!

Written July 11 & 12, 2013, we received 2 letters in the mail :)

Day 2 in the MTC

Hey Family!!!
I thought you guys would like an old fashioned letter, haha. Things are so amazing at the MTC. we stay so busy it is crazy. Meeting, devotional, sacrament, fireside, companion study, language study, personal study. So much to do. Speaking of my companion, his name is Elder Evens. I really, really like him. He reminds me of Scott Higgins a lot. We get along great. The language is gonna be tough but I know I'll get it with some work. It really does sound beautiful though. In language class there is zero English. It is crazy but forces you to learn. The teacher is great. The spirit is so strong here. It is a spiritual high 24/7.The spirit is constantly with you. I love the feeling. Sorry I can't write more, I've gotta go to bed.
Love ya!
Elder Nate Mountain

Day 3 in the MTC

Hey Family!!!
Wow what a day! So my companion was called as the 'DL' yesterday. That kept us busy today doing things like checking the mail and such. But tonight we were called as the 'ZLs' (zone leaders) for our zone (80 Elders). That is crazy!!! We start next Sunday. I have to know the names and welcome and get to know all of them. It is going to be fun but a ton of meetings upon meetings upon the meetings we already have. Just like in my patriarchal blessing, I had no idea it would be the 3rd day! (his blessing mentioned leadership positions on his mission) We had our 1st lesson today. It went good but it could have been better. Keep in mind that it had to be in Portuguese. On only our 3rd day. Things move fast here. I'm really, really enjoying the MTC. The guys here are great. I love and miss all of you guys!!!

Deus nos abenloa quando nos guardamos seus mandamentos!
"You are blessed when you keep the commandments."

Elder Nate Mountain

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