Monday, September 30, 2013

Packing for transfer & excited for conference!

Weekly Email
Hey everyone!!! Great to hear from you all. It has been a super great week. Still not sure if I'm going to be transfered or not...waiting for a call from the district leader. Elder Duval, one of the elders in the house, just got a call from the mission President because he is going to be a zone leader. He can't believe it, haha. I'm hoping I stay here, I love the people here and the spanish is clicking a lot more this week for some reason. Alfonso is on date for October 26th, we had a great lesson with him this week. He is really going through a hard time. He is about to loose his house to the bank, but he is solid, he has a lot of courage and faith. He has a bunch of LDS (Latter-day Saint) friends that talk to him at work too so if we aren't able to talk to him because he is working, he still learns. We were really excited about a lady named Carmen and her family. They are super nice and just after two lessons we felt were ready to be put on date. But the thrid lesson that was supposed to be this saturday fell though because they weren't home. That was really rough, but we will see them again soon. We got a new investigator this week named German, we had a really powerful lesson with him. We had a guy who just got home from his mission, from North Carolina spanish speaking about a month ago, with us. He is still in missionary mode so he knew just what to say and where we were going with the lesson, it was great, haha. The ward is doing really good. Yesterday the missionaries taught the combined 3rd hour for the fifth Sunday. Hopefully they understood my Portuguese, haha. The ward had the goal of 100 percent home teaching, so we went out with the Elders Quorum President a lot visiting members who don't have home teachers. We have gotten really close to him and he is one of our go to guys if we need help in the ward. Well some exciting news my companion, Macfarlane just got called from the president, he is going to be training two greenies (new missionaries) and be the district leader for the first Spanish district. Man he is excited but scared to train two at once, haha. That means I'm going English (an English speaking area) for sure, haha and it means I got to pack all my stuff, oh well. I'll find out Wednesday who my new companion will be. I got my hair cut again, I'll send a picture. I like it short.  I hope you guys have a great week,

 I love and miss you guys. I love it out here. I'm super excited for conference next week, can't wait to hear from the Prophet and apostles.
Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive. eu sei que este e o lugar o Senhor quer mim. eu sei que o livro de mormon e o palavra de Deus e como aprendemos mais sobre o evangelho. eu sei que Thomas S Monson e o profeta de Deus. eu amo Cristo, ele e minha luz. 
I  know that Jesus Christ lives. I know this is the place the Lord wants me. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and (with it) we can learn more about the gospel. I know Thomas S Monson is the prophet of God. I love Christ, he is my light.
Elder Montanha ( I LOVE how they pronounce Mountain is Spanish!)
Elder Mountain LOVES San Tan Valley!
Certainly not in Georgia anymore!


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