Thursday, January 30, 2014

Attended Gilbert temple open house, a baptism and transfers both coming up!

Weekly Email
Gilbert Temple Open House 
Glad to hear everyone is doing well! This week was great, was able to go through the temple twice. Man that temple is absolutely beautiful, massive too. The stain glass and the mirrors are incredible. They have mirrors reflecting off each other all over the place, it's really neat. We went with the Murphy's and took E--- and C----'s wife through the temple. They loved it. C---- was going to come but he was caught up at work, we will go with him in the next few days. E--- is still good to go on Saturday, we had one last lesson with him last night. He is facing a lot of adversity (wife is leaving and his parents basically disowned him this week when he told them about his baptism) but his faith is so solid. He knows it's true and sees all of his trials as the devil's last effort to keep him 'dry' as he says. Last night was a very powerful experience, Brother Murphy gave him a blessing and we showed a Mormon message (called I hope ya know I had a hard time) Click on link to watch Mormon message mentioned:  It's about trials, shared ether 12:4 and all of us shared our testimony with him. The faith of people such as him and T--- really amazes me. T--- blessed the sacrament for the first time on Sunday' that was really awesome. He was super nervous but he did great. He had a really cool experience with prayer this week. He is a garbage truck driver and there was an accident where the hydraulics on this 9000 pound loader broke and fell on top of his coworker and trapped him against the truck. He said he said a quick prayer out loud and the hydraulics started working again, the his friends only had minor injuries. It was a real testimony builder for him. Haven't met with C----- in a bit but we should see him in the next day or so to go to the temple with him. Transfer calls are on Sunday, can't believe they are here again. I have been here for over 4 months now so I could be on the move, haha, we will see. I would love to stay. Tell G'ma Hutchens thanks for the letters she sends, I got a letter in the mail to her today so she should get it soon. I got the cards from you guys, that was very nice of you guys. The pictures were hilarious, everyone got a kick out of them. Getting mail always makes the day, haha. Package hasn't gotten here, probably will be here today. I wouldn't send anything this week in case my address changes because of transfers. Still been doing the Book of Mormon challenge from Elder Wright, I love it. It has been awesome. Getting more from it than I ever have. Still working with the P--- family, we raked some leaves for her this week, hopefully she can make it to church next Sunday, she has a crazy schedule sometimes.
 Thanks for all of the love and prayers!!! Love you guys!!! I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Anyone, anyone at all who reads and prays with a sincere heart will gain a testimony as well. It's simple as that. I know my Savior lives and I see his hand in my life and in the work every day.
Elder Mountain

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