Saturday, September 7, 2013

"I have never had the scriptures speak to me like they do now." <3

Letter in the mail - arrived Sept.6, 2013

Hey family,

I hope everyone is doing well! Finally have some free time after church today to write you guys. It's been a great week. Great progress with our investigators. We had two of them at church and got one of them to commit to be baptized on the 28th, so that's super exciting. We have a total of 6 progressing investigators, we definitely hope to get them all there next Sunday. Let's see what else has happened.... there was what the people call a "monsoon" a couple of days ago. It basically was a heavy rain storm that lasted 30 minutes or so , no big deal in Georgia, but here in the desert the water has no where to go because the ground is so hard. It was a mini-flood. We had a good looking mesquite tree in front of our house that split because of the wind, so we had to get it removed. I'm starting to get to know everyone in the ward, they are all so nice and feed us some amazing food, haha. We try to go out with members as much as we can, especially with the priest who are perspective Elders.  We try our best to have a member present at all of the lessons, it's really effective to have a member bear their testimony so the investigators can see that real life people know that it is true, not just the missionaries. Thanks so much for the package by the way! That was a nice surprise. I love the tie and the sunflower seeds are sure tasty. Thanks so much for the notes and pictures also, they sure made me smile. Solo sure has good handwriting, looks like he is learning a lot. Tell him I love him (angry face - inside joke) and to keep being a good boy. Ali and Rae, take him fishing, haha. I sure miss messing around with you guys. You know I said that we have an investigator on date? I really have enjoyed teaching him. The moment when we asked him to be baptized was really powerful. I felt like jumping for joy when he said yes, haha. I really love that guy. We have taught a ton of lessons this week, if we get the ball rolling with baptisms it could be something special. I really like Elder Macfarlane, he is a great trainer. He really pushes me to do my best, and is patient with my lack of Spanish. I really like the other two elders in our home (Duval and Fa'amuli) We all get along great and laugh a lot. This is Elder Fa'amuli's 2nd transfer so he is a newbie as well. Both Elder Macfarlane and Duval have been out 9 months. I really have enjoyed having 2 to 3 whole hours to study the scriptures each day. I have never had the scriptures speak to me like they do now. I don't want to put them down, haha. I love them. We do these things called "OYM's" Open Your Mouth. We individually have to get 10 a day. They are simply talking to someone you don't know, have a conversation, and invite them to do something (accept a Book of Mormon, come to church, etc). Those were sure tough at first. First you have to talk, then weave in the gospel in there somehow and make it apply personally to them. They are hard! But I'm starting to get the hang of it. We don't tract, but OYM's have been toughest so far but I have learned to talk to them like a regular person, just like a friend, it is not so bad. I hope you guys have a great Sunday! I love and miss you. Sorry we don't have much email time. I will write you guys at least one letter a week so I don't forget anything.

Eu amo voces! Eu espero que vao ter otimo dia. Jesus e minha luz.
Translation: I love you guys! I hope that you have a great day. Jesus is my light.

Elder Montanha (think this is how Mountain is pronounced in Spanish)

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