Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mission President interview, inspiration and baby sweater ;)

Weekly Email

Hope you guys have enjoyed the break! I sure don't miss the cold, haha. I just ran into an elder here who actually is a VISA waiter but he is from northern Georgia and he said that it may go into the negatives this week and then be back up into the 60's later in the week. Crazy GA weather, haha. This week was great, pretty eventful. Had our interviews with the mission President this week that happen about every 3 months. President Nattress is so awesome, every time you interact with him you feel so good and inspired. I had some questions about teaching and about our investigators and I learned a lot. It was a big ah-ha moment really. He taught me that before you do anything else with an investigator like teach the plan of salvation or another lesson they have to be willing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, that's where it all starts. It makes since of course but we have really been applying it with our investigators who haven't been reading daily and it's really helped. E--- is going strong, taught him about tithing and prayer this week. His faith really is an example to me. We have been continuing to visit quite a few members to share a message about the temple to get them to invite their friends. It has kept us pretty busy. The excitement about the open house is incredible. They released 250,000 reservations online on the 30th in the morning and they were all gone by the evening. They released 200,000 more this week and they are pretty much all gone as well. There are going to be so many people go through, it,s an amazing time. I had one really cool experience this week. We were going from one appointment to another not in too much of a hurry but we were going from one end of the ward to another. As we were biking I had a name, Sister C----, pop up into my mind. I felt like we needed to go see her really strongly, I had no idea why though. So we turned the other direction and headed to her house and we knocked the door not sure what to say. We ended up giving her a blessing because her husband was out of town and she had some pretty tough things happen early in the week and she wasn't sure what to do. It really was a testimony builder. The spirit is amazing, guides us just where we need to go. The blessings I have been able to be a part of have been some of the most touching and powerful experiences. Last Sunday our ward mission leader Brother G----- had a heart attack scare, turned out to be not that serious but he asked Elder Ault and I to give him a blessing and that was another powerful moment. I have grown really close and become great friends with Brother G-----, he has a Brotehr Macpherson (fun guy from his home ward) personality, haha, it really works for missionary work, for sure a go getter. Anyways, had a funny experience with that tiny sweater in the picture. At one time that fit me perfectly, it's an adult medium. But once in the wash it shrunk more than I knew was possible, haha. The thing is Solo (his 5 year old buddy) size now, haha. I might send it home so you can give it to him, it's crazy, haha. Love and miss yall!!! Thanks so much for the pictures. Sure miss the Hutchens clan, hope they are all well. Have some stuff in the mail for ya, should be there soon.
Elder Montanha
Always time for a little sword fighting! :)

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