Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Surprise, Elder Wright and "OYM's"

Weekly email
Surprise visit from a favorite uncle!! 

Man that's some crazy weather back home. Georgia weather is always a little crazy but that's pretty extreme. The weather is in the 50's for the most part here, pretty pleasant. Man it was a huge surprise to see Danny and his crew. I got a call from them and I couldn't believe it. It was awesome to see them again and chat with them. Could be the last time I see Daniel before he heads on his mission. Tell them thanks again for stopping by. This week was a great week. First Elder Holland couldn't make it to speak, that was some bad news, but we still had the 3 mission conference and the mission presidents and their wives spoke along with Elder Wright of the Seventy. I felt bad for Elder Wright, he got a call from Elder Holland only 48 hours before that he would have to take his place. He said no one is more disappointed he isn't here than he is, haha. He gave an amazing talk though, about taking advantage of our time here in the field and really experiencing the gospel we teach in our own lives. He gave the challenge to read 10 pages of the Book of Mormon everyday on the mission and for the rest of your life and you will finish it every 2 months. I'm gonna do it. We had a challenge in our zone to see who could have the most 'oyms' or street contacts in the week because the zone's numbers were a tad low. They offered a $15 gift card to the companionship who got the most to Red Robin. Elder Ault and I decided to make it a point to talk to everyone one we possibly can and we got a little more than double what we usually get. It was great. We met two potential investigators in our apartment complex from it this week. It's super easy to 'oym' with the temple too. Most people are really interested. But there is one church here that is telling their members not to go and we find out really quick that they have zero interest in talking to us or seeing our fancy building, haha. It's kinda sad their hearts are really that hardened, all we can do is invite. E--- is doing well, still good for the 1st. We had one last lesson with them and now we handed him off to the sisters in the ward where he lives to teach him until his baptism. He is so excited to get baptized, I can't wait for him. We had some really good lessons this week. We also made it an effort to bring a member to every lesson we had. The number of lessons we had went down a little but the quality of them was much higher. Members really do make lessons. We had one particular great one with C----- where we committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The member who was at that lesson bore a very powerful testimony and I believe that really touched C----- and has led him to be ready to progress. We did some service this week, which I really enjoyed. Got to pick some weeds out of a garden for the Schoenburg's and dig up some cactus for some non members who are actually RLDS, never met anyone from that church before. Had some great conversations with them. I hope it will lead to something. I can't believe I have been in the area 3 1/2 months already. I love being able to call all the members by name and am starting to be able to know their kids names. It's really awesome. Probably means I'll be transferred soon though, haha. Looks like the monster truck show was fun. Glad Rae and Pa had a great time. Love and miss you guys!! Have a great week, hope the weather behaves itself, haha.
Elder Montanha

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