Thursday, January 2, 2014

Temples & teaching

Weekly Email

Super excited to talk to you guys in two days! So the plan is to call from the Lee's home around two. We may also call around noon really quick at T---'s house. We are having lunch there and he really wants to meet you guys. So we will probably call for a bit there and call later at the Lee's for the rest of the time. Anyhow, things are going great. We had some awesome teaching this week. We had six lessons with investigators in a members home, which was great. D-- and H---- C. are starting to really progress. H---- had a minor surgery on Thursday so we came over on Wednesday with Brother Malupo and gave her a blessing. We had another lesson on Saturday with D--, went well. Trying to get them at church. This week we made this chicken cheese dip with Brother Gaytan and gave it to all of the people we were teaching for Christmas. It was an awesome idea Brother Gaytan had. T--- received the Priesthood on Sunday, he is doing great. Excited to see what calling he gets soon.
Gilbert Temple
He would be awesome with the youth or scouts. On transfers on Wednesday we went to the Gilbert temple and took a mission picture. The temple looks beautiful, looks like its about ready. The mission party dinner thing on Thursday was a lot of fun. All of the zones performed skits, they were hilarious. The funniest one was a zone acted out the book of Lamuel. They acted out the first few stories from Nephi from his point of view, funny stuff. We were able to go to the Mesa temple on Thursday as well and went through a session, that was nice. K-- is doing well, we have a really nice set of scriptures that we want to give her for Christmas. She knows the Bible super well, I think she will love the footnotes to see the Bible and Book of Mormon support each other. E--- is doing really well, had two lessons with him this week. Still not sure whether he is going to have to get a divorce or not but he is so ready to be baptized. He is so solid. We finallyyyyyy had another lesson with C----- O. It's been forever since we have saw him. Turned out he was sick for a while and was out of town. We are going to go to the Mesa temple lights with him next week after Christmas. He is super nice to us, he gave me this super nice black sport coat that fits perfect. They are very kind to us. Hope you guys have a super Christmas, super excited to skype with you guys!!!!! Love you so much

Elder Mountain

The gorgeous Gilbert Temple.

Mesa Temple

Elder Mountain would love a few minutes riding on these!

He was given this awesome type writer by a fellow missionary.
He is loving it!! So funny!

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