Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Apostle, Gilbert Mission & got to host

Last Email from MTC - August 17, 2013
How is everyone?? Been an exciting week for sure. Forgot to tell you guys that Richard G. Scott spoke to the MTC at the Tuesday night devotional. It was so cool for hear from an apostle. He spoke about the importance of prayer and what a great gift it is that that our Heavenly Father wants us to talk with Him. I really enjoyed it. I like the way he spoke, different from the fiery way Holland or Bednar speak, he spoke very calmly and softly and simply. The spirit was so strong. I am sooooo excited for my my reassignment. Apparently some mission presidents won't put visa waiters with a trainer, they put them with another visa waiter from the MTC. So I could be companions with Siebers or Neu or Papworth, that would be so exciting. I doubt it will happen but it would be cool. Besides hearing from Richard G. Scott and getting the reassignment not too much happened this week. We have been teaching one another lessons in portuguese and english. It is actually hard to teach in english. Because I know so little vocab in portuguese it forces me to speak very simply. But teaching simply is teaching powerfully and with the spirit. When teaching in english its hard to keep it concise and simple. It'll be something I'll have to learn. Did you guys see a map of my mission? It's soooo small. I didnt know missions could be that small. It looks like the size of Buford and Flowery Branch. Gonna start packing today, not too worried about it though, I didnt take out anything I didn't need. Going to really miss the district when we leave. I've grown very close to them. They are great friends. I feel like I've known them for forever. Been talking a lot with the teachers about what Brazil and Rio is exactly like. Rio has a accent kinda like Portugal, so that will be tough at first to get used to. they talk quickly and slur words together and fill spaces between words with the shhh sound, haha. Sounds interesting. They talk very rhythmically like a song too. Learned today that we will be teaching during carnival, we just have to find the right places to find people. I thought we would be on total lock down, haha. My teacher told us its a great time to teach, everyone is so happy. I'll send some pictures later, dont have my camera on me. I'll send a pic of me and my two teachers. I'll call ya Monday morning, bought a calling card yesterday. Oh, I forgot I was able to host on Wednesday (pick up newbies from the curb). The whole district did, it was alot of fun. Kinda of funny how wide eyed and scared they were and to think that was me just 6 weeks ago. Glad I got the opportunity. 

Eu sei que esta igreja e verdadero. Eu sei que Jose Smith fui um profeta da Deus e Ele trazui Livro de Mormon. Eu sei que Livro de Mormon e palavra de Deus e esta testifa de Jesus Cristo e nosso Salvador. Eu amo esta o evangelho. Quando nos oramos, ei sei que Deus sempre resposta nos. sempre sempre sempre resposta!!

Love you guys!!!
Eu amo minha familia!!!
Elder Mountain

                                               Elder Mountain with his MTC teachers.


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