Saturday, August 10, 2013

Playing the cello!?! & Super Elder ;)

Letter in the mail - arrived Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Family,

I just finished emailing you guys but I forgot to tell you some stuff because of the time limit. Elder Evans plays the viola really well, he took private lessons and stuff. So we were talking and I said I used to play the cello. They have two violins and a cello and a flute here for missionaries to play for musical numbers and such. So we decided last week to practice. It was the first time I had played in forever (since 9th grade!) but it was a lot of fun. Since there were no violas he had to play a violin so we both sounded a little rough. There is a tradition that the last district here every Sunday does a musical number so we may play depending on how much we practice.
Another story, we were taking pictures as a district because it was Elder Arnold's last day. (his visa to Brazil came.) I was wearing the Brazil flag as you can see in the picture I sent. I began to "summon my eagle powers" like in Nacho Libre, if you remember with the flag. It was hilarious. Any Nacho Libre fans like Elder Evans got a kick out of it.
On a different subject, I have learned to read the scriptures in a whole different way. Elder Evans and I both have been reading the Book of Mormon and marking it according to different topics like the atonement, repentance, Christ and stuff. It is really eye opening, you really get a lot more out of it. Try it sometime.
Rae, good job on the garden! (they planted a garden together before Nate left)
Love and miss you guys!
Elder Mountain

                                                       Super Elder Mountain

                                            Elder Mountain and his MTC companion, Elder Evans

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