Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reassignment!!!! :):)

Stream of emails from MTC -  August 15, 2013

1st -Just got my reassignment 5 minutes ago.....Gilbert, Arizona mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo excited!!!!

2nd - I fly out Monday, 6 in the morning. Apparently Gilbert is a brand new mission which is way cool. Man, I am so excited!!!!

3rd - Gilbert is by Phoenix I think. Its gonna be hotttttt, haha. Man, I'm so excited. It's gonna be great. 4 of the elders of the district are going there. Man it's crazy here, everyone is so excited. The other missions in the district were Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Washington, and South Dakota.

4th - Love you guys!!!! I'll call you guys earlyyyy Monday morning. I will be having pday on Saturday so I will email then.

Elder Mountain

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