Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Awaiting reassignment!?! (where he will serve stateside until Brazil VISA comes)

Email from MTC - week 5
Hey everyone!!!
I hope you guys had a good week back at home. Another great week at the MTC. I can't believe I only have one more week left. Time really flies here. We will all be getting our reassignments on Friday assuming we dont get our visas. I am super excited for that. Its like a whole new mission call. Recently the reassignments have been going to Billings, Montana and Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Not all of them, but quite a few from our zone. Both of those would be awesome. I'm really, really excited to find out. I had some boiled peanuts this week, haha. Elder Blalock from mississippi got some sent to him, reminded me of home, they sure were good. I luckly haven't been sick once my time here. Most people in the district  have been passing a cold around but so far I'm good. It's funny because I'm one of the only ones who doesn't take vitamins daily, don't sanitize my hands every 5 seconds, and have a MTC diet of french fries, haha. I got my hair cut the other day, its the shortest its been in a longgg time. I think it was the number 4 clipper all the way around haha. I like it a lot though. The fireside tonight with everyone is being broadcast to all of the MTCs around the world. So there is rumblings that its gonna be one of the twelve or something. All the firesides are super, super amazing. It would be so cool to hear from someone like that though. I really enjoy Elder Evans, he has taught me so much and is a great example. He feels like a brother almost. The portuguse is continuing to progress. Its still a challenge of course but the basics are beginning to really click. We have been learning a lot this week and how to teach and how to best find people. Its super important that the people you find feel you are trustworthy and they see you as a friend sharing the gospel not a salesperson who doesn't care about them personally. One of my teachers said some of the best lessons that he taught were walking home with an investigator after playing volleyball or soccer. Once they realize how much you love and care about them, the teaching is so much more effective. Our district has gotten to be really close, I see them all as friends I feel like I have known for forever. As you see in the pictures, we laugh a ton and all have the same sense of humor.  It'll be tough saying bye to them but luckly they are all going to Rio so we should see eachother once and a while. We started teaching each other this week, and we act as one of our close friends as an investigator. It really is neat especially as the investigator. I am acting as Z---, it is really cool to think how he would respond and how he would feel the spirit. Thanks for the package you guys sent. Packages are the best. The khakis fit great, and thanks for the ties. There is a black market of tie trading at the MTC, hahaha. A good looking tie is like gold, can get you a whole case of coke if you wanted, haha. Anyways I love and miss you guys, love hearing from you in the dear elders. Oh by the way, I can call you from the Salt Lake airport. I dont know when that will be, could be anytime from Saturday to next Wednesday. but I will be able to email you guys again when I get my reassignment to tell you when I'll be in the airport.Then I'll be able to call ya when I fly to Brazil in the airport again I think, so thats exciting. I miss you guys a lot. Tell Solo I say hey, and I miss fishing with him. He is gonna be so grown up when I get back. All of you guys are. Love ya!!! Rae Rae the garden looks super! great job. Thanks for your letters Ali and Dee, they are so great to read. Miss you guys. and you too Ma (good luck with your calling, sounds so exciting!!) and Pa, and thanks for raising me in the gospel. You guys are great parents. love ya!
Check out Ether 12, its my new favorite chapter.
I know this church is true and it has the restored gospel of Christ. I know that Christ lives and that if we turn to Him we have ever lasting life. He has open arms waiting for us, all it takes from us is small steps of faith. I know the Book of Mormon is true, I love reading out of it everyday. I know that this is what the Lord wants for me. I know that the gospel can bring such happiness and joy into peoples lives.
Elder Mountain

                                        Elder Mountain's name tag in front of Provo Temple.

                                                       Some of the elders acting silly.

                             Provo Temple
                     Love this picture of him!! Although he was in the background of someone else's photo, that smile is exactly what we imagine when we think of him <3


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